Simplertrading – Profit Recycling Pro

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Simplertrading – Profit Recycling Pro

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Simplertrading – Profit Recycling Pro

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Sale Page : simplertrading

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In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How Allison turned a potential loss into $533 profit
  • “Daytrade” options with less than $25k 
  • How to engineer exponential gains by recycling risk
  • Avoid blowing out accounts with Allison’s 25% rule 
  • How it’s possible to almost guarantee profits

BONUS ($297 Value)

Bonus Chart Indicator

Compound Breakout Tool (CBT)

This new indicator identifies Allison’s compound breakout pattern with her custom blend of range, momentum and trend tools. It’s designed to reveal high probability continuation setups in up or down markets. What makes this indicator so powerful is how it helps determine the strength of the setup before placing a trade.

Strategy Class + CBT + 2 Live Trading Sessions with JC’s Money Management

With the Pro Package, you’ll get everything that’s included in the Strategy Package PLUS two Live Trading Sessions with Allison Ostrander.


2 Live Trading Sessions

Monday, December 17th and Tuesday, December 18th from 8:30am – 11am and 1pm – 3pm Central

During market hours is when everything you’ve learned in the Strategy class comes together and you finally turn knowledge into action. It’s amazing how much you can improve your skills in just 2 sessions. Our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for the class (obviously, no promises).


John Carter’s Money Management Session

Monday, December 17th during the Live Trading Session from 1pm – 3pm Central

This session will focus on how John manages money both inside and outside of the market. Money management is a crucial skill for every trader. For instance, if a trader overloads the boat on a trade or two, it becomes very easy to blow out an entire account with just one wrong market move.

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